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Accepting Referrals for

•  CBCT Scans

•  Implant treatment

•  Cosmetic Gum Surgery

•  Wisdom tooth removal

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* Cost of the CBCT Scan is dependent on the practice location and is payable by the patient after the scan is taken. Cost of the reporting is an addition £50 for small volume scans and £80 for full arch scans. 

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5 Commitments 


Complimentary Consultation and Treatment plan

We always provide your patient with an initial consultation and full written treatment plan.

We also provide you with a copy.



and Fees

No treatment is carried out without an estimate of fees given to the patient.


Additional treatments?

If we feel other treatments are necessary in addition to the initial plan, then these will always be agreed with you first. 



In the rare event where complications arise, we always ensure that they immediately receive remedial care they require.


Return Of the Patient 

We will keep you informed of the treatment as it progress and always return the patient back to your practice.

Interested in Implant Further Education?

Become a member of the Lifetime Implant Program and enjoy the benefits of this program. For further details please click on the logo below. 

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