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Digital Smile Design

Is like test driving a car, test it before you take it. Lets you participate in the design of your new smile. Improves the visualisation of your dental problems. Gives insights into possible solutions for your dental needs.

What is Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a new, ground-breaking technology that increases your participation in designing your own smile – and trying it on before committing to dental treatment.

Developed by Dental Technician and Ceramist Christian Coachman, Digital Smile Design uses the latest technology available to produce a digital rendering of your perfect smile, taking into account not just your physical features but your personality and your vision for your smile. We make a video and photographic facial aesthetic analysis of your face to better understand the relationship of your teeth, gums, lips and face in motion. Then, we create a 3D prototype of your ideal dentition, which you can try on.

You will be able to try on your smile, see how it fits and suits you. At the same time, Digital Smile Design helps us to visualise your treatment like an architectural plan from start to finish.

Consider this the test ride before you invest in a new car – except that your smile will last a lifetime. 

Why is it recommended?

Digital Smile Design lets you experience your teeth before you commit to the procedure – seeing how it looks on you and feeling once again what it’s like to have a complete set of functioning teeth.


Many patients find this an emotional experience, as they can finally visualise themselves with functional, aesthetic teeth once again.

Our dedicated highly trained dental team offers first class cosmetic dental care from Initial Consultation to Full Mouth Smile Makeovers.


We help people regain their smile and transform their lives.


We would love you to feel comfortable at our state of the art practice. We are looking forward meeting you to discuss how we are able to enhance your smile. 

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How do you know which smile suits you best?  

Let us help designing your perfect smile!

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