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Daniel is based in Edinburgh. His mission is to deliver excellence in all forms of post-graduate dental implant training and to offer you the highest level of care possible in a comfortable environment.

Dr Daniel Benson

DMD, MOM, MSc Implants and Dental Surgery

Society Memberships

Association of Dental Implantology UK- Mentor (ADI)

British Dental Association (BDA)

International Team for Implantology (ITI)

International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)

European Association of Dental Implantologists (BDIZ EDI)

European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD)

Digital Smile Design –Team Member

Australian Society of Periodontology (ASP)

Member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA)

Australian Society of Implant Dentistry (ASID)

GDC number: 116018

Dr Benson received his undergraduate dental degree from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary in 2006.

After graduation Daniel completed a 3-year full-time residency in Operative Dentistry and Prosthodontics. Daniel’s thirst for knowledge led him to a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Implantology and Dental Surgery at the International Medical College, University of Muenster in Germany. He is a registered dentist in the UK, Ireland, and Hungary. 

As a private practice associate and visiting implant surgeon his practice is limited to surgical and restorative implant treatments, cosmetic surgical and aesthetic restorative procedures. 

Daniel first moved to Edinburgh in 2009. Since 2012 he is only practicing in private practices. 

His eye for details and passion for excellence in dentistry is well known amongst his colleagues and he regularly treat patients needing advanced rehabilitation on referral basis. 

Daniel brings a strong sense of purpose and responsibility including a voice as a mentor through leading example. Daniel believes in fairness, diversity and hard work. As a team player he likes to help bringing work colleagues closer together through his workshops and and courses. He is a recognized speaker on the topics of dental implantology, bone and soft tissue management and dental photography.

Daniel’s passion is to work with his patients closely to give back their smile and through that improve quality of their lives.

“I feel blessed to be able to help my patients realize their dental dream. So often we see life-changing transformations when patients self-esteem, confidence and overall well-being improves sometimes overnight. In a relatively short timeframe. My favourite part is the moment when we take our final photos with the patients. That really makes our day!”

Apart from work his young family keeping him busy to achieve a great work-life balance. Daniel likes espresso with no sugar.

He likes outdoor activities like cycling, and sea kayaking. His favourite animals are dogs and polar bears.

Presentations / Lectures

TRI Lecture .001.jpeg

2017 Sydney, Australia

2-day postgraduate theory and hands-on training 


Organised by the TRI Academy Australia and took place at Macquarie University Hospital, Sydney, Australia. 

UWA eoadas.001.jpeg

2017 Perth, Australia

Lecture on dental photography


Organised by the Dental University Club,

University of Western Australia.

ASID Rob Bamber Lecture.001.jpeg

2017 Sydney, Australia

Lecture on implant site management with soft and hard tissue grafting.


Organised by the

Australian Society of Implant Dentistry for the 

Dr Ron Bamber Memorial Alumni Day  


2019 London, UK

Lecture on implant site management comparing different protocols regarding timing. 


Organised by the

Association of Dental Implantology UK  

2019 3rd May ADI Edinburgh.001.jpeg

2019 Edinburgh, UK

Coffee break presentation on bone grafting in the aesthetic zone using biomaterials.


Organised by the

Geistlich Biomaterials 

Southern Photo lecture111.001.jpeg

2019 Laugh Earn, Northern Ireland

Presentation on clinical photography. 


Organised by the

Southern Implants UK

NLT Photo Lecture.001.jpeg

2019 Belfast, Northern Ireland

Presentation on clinical photography at the New Life Teeth Full Arch Implant MasterClass. 


Organised by the

New Life Teeth Belfast

Covid19 Geistlich.001.jpeg

2020 Edinburgh, UK

Webinar presentation on single tooth replacement using different type of soft and hard tissue grafting techniques. The presentation was shared on Geistlich Biomaterials' Clinical Case Discussion platform. 


Organised by the

Geistlich Biomaterials UK

PhotoWebinar COVID-19 FINAL.001.jpeg

2020 Edinburgh, UK

Webinar presentation on Dental and Portrait Photography. The presentation reached over 750 participants internationally. The over 1 hour 20 minutes presentation provided a guidance and overview on different techniques in intra and extra oral photography.    

Association of Dental Implantology Webinar

2020 Edinburgh, UK

Webinar presentation on implant site management designed for Dental Implant Surgeons and General Dentist showcasing straightforward, complex and advanced cases. The over 1 hour 40 minutes presentation provided  guidance and overview on different techniques with examples.    

Organised by the


Daniel is a speaker for: 

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