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Dental Photography Course

 The 1-day-course (7 hours Verifiable CPD) covers everything from What Camera to Buy, to the rarely taught but extremely useful Digital Image Development and to how to Market your new found skills. 

This course is designed to be the most efficient within your own settings without the need for travel.
To register your interest please get in touch!

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Satisfied participants

Photo course participant

M. Chauhan

Thank you for such an awesome presentation. I'm being honest when I say it's one of the best presentations I have had the pleasure to watch. Very engaging.I look forward to you holding a course in Melbourne, Australia

Photo course participant

P. L. Hilson

Fantastic presentation Danny. I actually learnt a lot! You can teach me more when we get back to work :)

Photo course participant

Dr. Saaqib Ali

Great lecture! Thank you

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